Legal assistance of the arrested person in front of authorities and in Courts.
Our lawyers provide legal assistance for the arrested persons in criminal matters and defend their rights in front of the criminal investigation authorities, but also in Court. The assistance in the favour of the arrested person involves legal help to declare in front of the competent authorities, but also the help needed when he will be held in Court for the formulating of conclusions over the arrest, or any other procedure for which the legislation requires the assistance of a lawyer.

Legal assistance in the investigation phase
  • Making pertinent complaints
  • Issue the criminal complaints at the request of the injured party
  • Draft and submit requests to the criminal investigation authorities, such as: citing witnesses, issue the photocopies of the file, suspending the execution of certain procedures that are not favourable to our client, claiming the costs from the other party, etc.
  • Motivated drafting of the request for dissolution of the criminal case, drafting requests to the end the investigation phase when it is found that the crime does not exist, or that the crime is not regulated in the criminal legislation, or the fact does not reach the proper level of danger for it to become a crime, or the fact was not actually committed by the suspect/accused, etc.
The criminal trial
  • The drafting of the paperwork in order for the client to have a defense that would best suit his interests, taking notes of the hearing in Court, take written conclusions, etc.
  • Carefully preparing the most efficient defense strategy, assisting the client in the Courtroom during the whole criminal trial.
Domestic violence
  • Legal assistance during declarations in front of competent authorities, as well as in the Court, in front of the judges.
  • Attentive preparation of the criminal trial
“Juicios de faltas”
  • These are the simple procedures that sanction less dangerous crimes, and benefit of the right of getting sanctioned just with a criminal fine;
  • We guarantee the most favourable results in these procedures.
Drafting and signing the appeal
  • Drafting the appeal
  • Recurso de Casación
  • Review requests in Court

Our legal team has the experts with the best experience in criminal law, always ready to find the procedural/form flaw that can favour the situation of our client, maintaining a constant communication with the client, even during weekends.
We are aware of the fact that being charged with an accusation or being the victim of a crime is a very frustrating, unpleasant situation, which is why we are giving our all to offer to our clients the best services, the best legal assistance, obtaining the best results.

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