Divorce by mutual agreement

We have expert lawyers in obtaining divorces through mutual agreement between the two parties, offering mediation, and this way, succeeding in avoiding the damages that might result from a divorce obtained in court, by trial. We also manage to find the best way for an agreement that would best suit the client’s interests, even when there are strong disputes between the two husbands, by taking into consideration the best interests of the minor child, when it is the case. We handle these divorces fast and efficiently.

Divorce when the parties do not agree/compromise

Divorce in Court, by trial: our lawyers draft and present the sue petitions, using strategies that place both the client’s and the child’s interests first.

The changing of the means taken during the divorce trial

If during this procedure, you have managed to reach an agreement with the other party, but by any reasons, this agreement no longer suits your needs or interests, you can ask, at any time, the changing of the terms you had previously agreed on. Our lawyers will reach the best solution for you.

The paying of the child support by the other party

This legal right for the child and legal obligation for the other party includes the necessary amount of money in order to be enough for all the needs, nourishment, medical care and educational background of the minor. Our lawyers will use all the means in order to obtain the most benefic child support after the divorce.

Legal complaints for obtaining the compensatory right in favour of one of the husbands

The purpose of the compensatory right is to avoid the economical imbalance that might happen after the divorce; this way, the spouse with lower incomes or no incomes at all can benefit from the same financial comfort that he/she was used to during the marriage.

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