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Business in Europe – Spain and Romania vs the United States: How to Open a Limited Liability Company

Most people creating a small business opt for the legal structure of a limited liability company (LLC). But why is this company structure so popular and where can it become most profitable? The United States requires no minimum capital for the startup of an LLC, however in Europe in countries such as Spain and Romania [...]

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Physical Assault – how to denounce it, types of assault and domestic violence

The Spanish criminal law defines assault as any type of harmfulness which impairs one’s physical or mental health. Article 147.1 from the Penal Code differentiates the types of assault based on the medical treatment received by the victim and therefore, highlights the penalties correspondent to each category type: “the one that, through any means, impairs [...]

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Announcement regarding the quarantine of the persons who arrive in Spain from foreign countries

Starting from today, 15th of May of 2020, a Spanish ministerial Order enters in force and establishes that the people traveling from abroad have to keep a quarantine of 14 days after their arrival in Spain, always during the coronavirus crisis. The Order SND 403/2020 mentions that all of those who internationally travel outside Spain [...]

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Legal considerations on the Spanish Ministerial Order SND/370/2020, which regulates the movement of children and its conditions, in the context of coronavirus

The 26th of April has been the first day in which the kids could finally go out during the active state of emergency, and even if prevention indications have been imposed, we have all witnessed the little ones playing football, and their parents conversations in large groups of people, which should not happen and more [...]

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Signing a contract should be an exciting moment, whether you’re signing a new client, buying a house or purchasing a service. However, it may be devastating if you fail to carefully review all its clauses, in order to completely understand the legal consequences that will affect you. To help you avoid getting scammed, Barcelona lawyers [...]

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The new law regulating rentals in Spain

The law firm Marin&Pasalodos wants to inform you on the changes brought by the new decree of property renting, as many of our foreign clients have shown massive interest in moving to Barcelona. The appeal to live in Barcelona is as powerful as ever, not just because of its evident lifestyle advantages, but also thanks [...]

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