Lawyer Florentina Marin

The Lawyer FLORENTINA MARIN has graduated from the Law Faculty of University “Nicolae Titulescu” of Bucharest, experience that has offered her the opportunity to become a lawyer, after she successfully passed the Bar exam with maximum score. This was an achievement that has allowed her to be accepted, in 2005, at the National Institute for the Preparation and Perfecting of Lawyers in Romania (INPPA).
In addition to this, Ms. Florentina Marin has enrolled in the Master Programme of Criminal Law at the same University where she obtained her Bachelor Degree, graduating this specialty in 2005 and becoming an expert in criminal law.

In 2006, Ms. Marin has become a definitive lawyer of the Bar of Bucharest and has started her cooperation with more legal offices, such as “DANESCU, DANESCU & ASSOCIATES”, which was then one of the most prestigious law firms of the moment. With a massive ambition to overcome her professional limits, in the year of 2007 she decided to study abroad and specialize even more by graduating from another Master Programme in Law, choosing the university of Barcelona; here, she managed to obtain a scholarship at one of the most esteemed programmes in Europe – Master in International Law (ISDE).
During this Master Programme, she was given the opportunity to work and practice in law offices from Spain and USA, and so, Ms. Florentina Marin has chosen to expand her knowledge and experience at BDO Barcelona, one of the most reputable organizations of audit and juridical services for commercial companies; after this, she became part of the lawyers team from Miquel Alemany SPL office, where she has become even more accustomed with the Spanish legislation, in order to homologate her title as a lawyer that she had obtained in the origin country, Romania. After almost 3 years of very hard and continuous work, perseverance, seriousness, professionalism and full dedication, she succeeded, in 2012, to become a Spanish lawyer. Ms. Marin is a member of Illustrious College of Lawyers in Barcelona, identified with college number 38.804. Ms. Florentina Marin has a strong and praised reputation of being a very strategic lawyer, with great results and very passionate in defending the rights of her clients.

Ms. Marin has managed to successfully combine the experience that she has achieved in Romania, while working in law offices from 2007 to 2013, with the experience gained as a Spanish lawyer, so this way, she owns an ensemble picture of two different European legislations, knows two different ways of coping with legal situations; so, she became an expert in building the best strategies and defense mechanisms that have brought her many winning cases, issue very much appreciated by her clients. The diversity of the experiences that she had during the 12 years of legal practice, the overcoming of all difficulties that she encountered in understanding and assimilating a new legislation, in a foreign language – have offered her the advantage of great achievements, by thinking outside the box, and analyzing things from all angles. More than that, the fact that her professional and personal background is so international, starting with the International Law Master that she has graduated from, continuing with the numerous clients of different nationalities that she has had, and ending with the 5 different languages that she speaks – Romanian, Spanish, English, Portuguese and French – all these make from Ms. Florentina Marin an outstanding lawyer.
In the autumn of 2014, Ms. Marin has founded, altogether with her associate Mr. TOMÁS PASALODOS GIBERT and their collaborator, the translator Ms. Cristina Saftoiu, a law office in Barcelona meant to satisfy all the necessities that clients may have from a law firm, offering quality legal services in almost all juridical areas:


Due to our significant practice, we are granting you satisfactory results, that we always achieve by respecting principles that we believe in, such as:


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