The establishment of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in Spain

Given the fact that many of our clients have contacted the law office Marin&Pasalodos regarding legal consultations on the procedure of establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) on the territory of Spain, we have decided to highlight the main implications of this process, as it would be useful for those interested to start a business in Spain. In addition to this, more and more persons that own businesses in The United Kingdom have contacted us lately, taking into consideration the current political situation of the Brexit, and the consequences that this will have on their commercial operations.The firms are usually set up as a consequence of the agreement of two or more parties, either physical or juridical persons, and most of the ones who want to set up the basis of a firm tend to chose to create a Limited Liability Company, as the benefits are higher and the registration process is easier than for a joint-stock company, for example.

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