Starting from today, 15th of May of 2020, a Spanish ministerial Order enters in force and establishes that the people traveling from abroad have to keep a quarantine of 14 days after their arrival in Spain, always during the coronavirus crisis.

The Order SND 403/2020 mentions that all of those who internationally travel outside Spain must respect the two weeks quarantine when they return, and also details its conditions.

More specifically, those who come to Spain from abroad, at any time starting from today and until the state of alarm ends, will have to remain locked up for 15 days in their accommodation or home, and will only be able to leave it to buy food, medicine and necessary products, but also to go to health centers and only “for reasons of major force or in a situation of need”.

The health authorities may contact the people in quarantine in order to monitor them

All displacements will have to be done by wearing a mask and they must also comply with all hygiene and transmission prevention measures, including with the people they live with during this period.

In any case, the health authorities may contact the people in quarantine in order to monitor them. These measures will not apply to cross-border workers, carriers and crews, as well as health professionals who are going to carry out their work, just if they have not been in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.

In the case that any suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 manifests, it will be the traveller’s job to contact with competent authorities, and must call the phone numbers enabled by the autonomous communities, indicating their status.

Furthermore, the travel agencies or transport companies must inform all travelers of these conditions at the time of the ticket sales, and also, airlines must provide them with the public health form (Passenger Location card) to locate passengers. If they detect symptoms such as fever, cough or respiratory distress, among others, they will be able to contact the health services through the numbers set up by the autonomous communities, “indicating that they are in quarantine for coming from abroad”.

The sanitary surveillance and sanitary control measures should be intensified to all international traveler

The World Health Organization stated in its official report of February 29th, 2020 that in general, restricting the movement of international-traveler-spainpeople and goods during public health emergencies is ineffective in most situations and can consume resources that could serve for other interventions. However, in given circumstances, the measures that restrict the movement of people could, of course, be temporarily useful. These restrictions must be based on a careful evaluation of the risks, be proportional to the public health risk, be of short duration and be reassessed periodically depending on the situation; that is why it is indicated in the ministerial order that it is necessary to limit the risks derived from the international traffic of people. Therefore, during the de-escalation period, the sanitary surveillance and sanitary control measures should be intensified to all international travelers with the objective of avoiding the appearance of imported cases.

Likewise, the order describes an optimistic situation in Spain, indicating that “a favorable evolution of the epidemiological situation in our country”, although the beginning of the de-escalation makes it necessary to reinforce the control measures. The order will take full effect from 00:00 on May 15th, 2020 and will remain effective throughout the entire period of the alarm state and its possible extensions.

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