The 26th of April has been the first day in which the kids could finally go out during the active state of emergency, and even if prevention indications have been imposed, we have all witnessed the little ones playing football, and their parents conversations in large groups of people, which should not happen and more than that, it is not legal.

The lawyers of Marin&Pasalodos law office from Barcelona would like to inform you in the current article about the conditions imposed by the law, under which children could actually go out and enjoy a walk in the sun, but also with the purpose that you could avoid being sanctioned with high fines that could reach 2.000 euros.

The harsh impact of the current crisis situation has altered the lifestyle routine of the kids, disturbing more than just their social reintregire familie cabinet avocat Romania Spaniaand educational background, and also affecting their physical and emotional health. Based on these grounds, the Ministerial Decree SND/370/2020 of 25th of April concedes the possibility of children having some specific movement outside,
always when prevention and security measures have been taken. Explained in another way, it is legal for children to go outside during quarantine, but ONLY IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES: they should not play with other kids, they should not use swings in the playground, or visit others who live closeby.

This possibility of movement is limited to one single walk per day, that should take maximum one hour and that should not be more than one kilometer longer from the minor’s home, done between 9 am and 9 pm. Furthermore, the daily walk should be taken in groups of maximum 3 children and one responsible adult, and always complying with the two meters maximum imposed distance from strangers.

It is the responsibility of the adult that accompanies the children to guarantee the compliance with all imposed prevention measures

The law refers to a “responsible adult” as in the consenting person that lives in the same house with the child, or the person in charge of taking care of the minor, like a babysitter for example. Please keep in mind that whenever that adult is a different person than the child’s parent, tutors or legal guardians, he or she should always have an authorization from the above mentioned people, in order to not be fined.

The same legal text informs us that it is the responsibility of the adult that accompanies the children to guarantee the compliance with all imposed prevention measures in order to avoid getting infected. This is why the lawyers of Marin&Pasalodos want to keep you informed and share with you that by disrespecting the prevention efforts, you are disrespecting the Law that regulates the state of emergency and so, the sanction regime of the Citizenship Security Law applies. For example, going out with a higher number of children than allowed can be a motive to receive a fine of 600 euros, which is a light breach. On the other hand though, in the case of more parents taking walks together, as seen in a lot of pictures circulating on social media these last days, could increase the amount of the fine up to 1.500 euros. The sanction depends on the seriousness of each violation.

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