Signing a contract should be an exciting moment, whether you’re signing a new client, buying a house or purchasing a service. However, it may be devastating if you fail to carefully review all its clauses, in order to completely understand the legal consequences that will affect you.
To help you avoid getting scammed, Barcelona lawyers of Marin&Pasalodos advise you to be alert, read the document more times and pay attention to the following:Last-minute changes – Don’t let one party’s constant editing, revising and modifying of a negotiated contract make you dizzy. If you see excessive changes, there are high chances that they’re trying to hide something in the adjustments.
Automatic-renewal clauses – Sometimes, contracts appear to have a set end date, but one party will slip an automatic-renewal clause into the text. If you sign a contract with one of these clauses, you will have to give advanced notice for termination to the other the party, which of course, is difficult to do if you aren’t aware the clause exists. For example, to avoid having your money taken from your bank account after you stop using the service, either negotiate the clause out of the agreement or calendar the date on which you need to give notice of termination.
Forum selection clauses – the selection clauses could make it geographically restrictive for you to litigate against the other party in the event a conflict appears. These clauses stipulate that if there is any sort of dispute, it must occur in a specific place. Agreeing to a clause like this could put you in a situation that turns from inconvenient or expensive to purely untenable.

Always be sure you understand which national laws your contract is subject

Foreign laws – If you sign a contract in which it is stipulated that the laws of a foreign country apply, you could find yourself  otorgar testamentowithout the protection of many rights you took for granted, because that law is unfamiliar to you. Always be sure you understand which national laws your contract is subject to and also what are the implications of those laws.
Client acquisitions – If you’re signing a contract for a client that is a company for example, think about adding a clause that stipulates what happens if that client is acquired by another firm during the time you work together. Otherwise, you could find yourself losing time and money.
Also, when it comes to consumer law, European Union establishes some terms that may be considered unfair when they are used in contracts; for example, terms which exclude or limit a trader’s liability if a consumer dies or is injured because of an act/omission by that trader, terms which allow a trader to dissolve a contract unilaterally but where the consumer does not enjoy the same right or terms which allow the trader to alter a contract unilaterally.

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